Animal Exhibitor

Do you have at least ONE pet reptile? Do you love to talk about your reptiles? Do you love educating people about these cold blooded creatures? Then we want you as an animal exhibitor at ReptileFest!!!

Each year our exhibitors teach thousands of participants about reptile care, conservation and natural history. Our exhibitors do their best to provide excellent experiences and learning opportunities to ReptileFest attendees year after year. We encourage anyone who is passionate about their pets or reptiles in general to sign up and exhibit with us. As an exhibitor you should be able to answer questions about the animals you bring, including information such as native range, diet, temperature requirements, status in the wild and other fun facts. Be ready to talk to lots of people and answer lots of questions!

If you wish for the public to touch or handle your animals,  please keep in mind that a large show like this can be stressful for them.  Pay attention to your animals and their moods and give them a rest in their enclosures as needed. All animals, regardless of whether or not they are being handled must be brought with clean, secure enclosures. We encourage exhibitors to use an enclosure that provides the public with an idea of how your reptile should be housed. Large animals can be housed in smaller than normal enclosures for the show, but we encourage you to bring photographs of your animals in their permanent enclosures to share with attendees.  A large part of our mission is proper reptile care and we pride ourselves on displaying healthy animals and attractive displays!

We provide lunch from Als Beef on both days, pizza on Saturday night and a Reptilefest t-shirt as our thank you for exhibiting with us.

Please note that we do have exhibitor guidelines that must be followed if exhibiting at ReptileFest. You can find more information on exhibitor guidelines here. Exhibitor Guidelines

In order to exhibit animals you must be a current member of the Chicago Herpetological Society. Not a member? No worries, you can sign up today

For further questions on exhibiting animals, please contact us.




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